Blore itching to get back and ‘just drill someone’

After suffering a broken wrist in a pre-season incident, ruling him out for the start of the Wests Tigers season, Shawn Blore tells WestsLife he’s excited to get back on the field and put a big hit on.

Blore was originally told he could miss up to the first 10 rounds of the season, but rehab has gone so well he’s looking at returning much earlier and he’s not going to just ease back into the game either.

I’m pushing for round seven possibly,” said on the WestsLife podcast.

“I told everyone my first involvement back will be just drilling someone. 

“It’s just been so long and it gets to the point where it’s frustrating You just want to do something. I’m just hoping the first involvement is a good one. If we’re on attack, get in early and tuck the ball under my arm and just run.”

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Other than putting on big hits on opposition players, Blore is also keen to start forming combinations with teammates including fellow Panthers junior, Daine Laurie.

“We had such a great preseason and I was building such good combos with a few boys on the edge,” Blore said.

“I’m just so excited to get back into training and do some of that stuff on the field. It’s gonna take a while.

“The focus is just to get back foremost and just start drilling some people.”

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