Nofoaluma responds to critics of Wests Tigers teammate Luke Brooks

David Nofoaluma with teammates, Moses Mbye and Luke Brooks

Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma is standing strong for his much criticised teammate, Luke Brooks.

Brooks had 17 runs for 87 metres, a line break assist, a try assist, four tackle breaks, nine kicks for 231 metres and kicked two from two conversions in the Tigers’ 30-12 loss to the Canberra Raiders on Sunday. But the 26-year-old has had a barrage of criticism by analysts and fans for his errors including a kick out on the full and then a kickoff also crossing the sideline.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Brooks confirmed he had seen a lot of negativity written about him. His longtime teammate Nofoaluma saying there is a lot of aspects to his game that people overlook.

“There’s a lot of things that Brooksy does on and off the field that people don’t see,” Nofoaluma told the media. “That’s what makes him as a player why us as teammates have so much respect for him. That’s why he’s a part of our team.

Nofoaluma confirmed that comments online and in the media can result in struggles mentally .

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“People say a lot of things that effect you as a person,” Nofoaluma said. “I think for Brooksy, he knows…Madge has spoken to him about all he needs to be is himself.

“He doesn’t have to be the player that everyone speaks about, just focus on his own role. When he does that, it takes a lot of pressure off himself. I think he understands that.”

The Wests Tigers leading try scorer in 2020 also said the return of suspended fullback-turned-five eighth Adam Doueihi will help Brooks and the team.

“It’s awesome to have Adam back,” Nofoaluma said. “Adam is very demanding and Brooksy is very controlling.

“So both of them together is going to be something to watch.”

Wests Tigers matchup against James Tedesco, who played six seasons at the Wests Tigers, and the Sydney Roosters on Sunday at Campbelltown Stadium.

7 thoughts on “Nofoaluma responds to critics of Wests Tigers teammate Luke Brooks

  1. Wrapt to hear Brooksy’s team mate standing up for him . Lots just dont understand the role players are asked to perform by the coach and only what THEY believe he should be doing . I hope Brooksy has a blinder on the weekend and congratulation as being a Wests Tigers Junior and achieving 150 games , such loyalty is rare .

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  2. Too bloody right NOFA!! Its so much easier to play the “perfect game” from in the stands or from your lounge chair. I was at GIO on Sunday, and then watched recorded game when I got home Monday…people don’t see a lot of the stuff Brooksy and others do, off the ball and particularly off the TV screen. I have always had every confidence in Luke, and I know he will improve every game that he takes control. Raiders are no slouches, and there were times I thought they got up on Brooksy & Mbye a fair bit faster then they should have!! Go get em Brooksy, believe in yourself…..nothing better than proving the doubters wrong! And NOFA, what a awesome team mate!!

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  3. Go Brooksy don’t listen to so called WestsTigers supporters who’s thoughts are always in the negative 👎🏾 you’re far from their negative reviews, they are armchair warriors, who wouldn’t have a clue?!? Listen to Madge, you’re fine young man, who is a credit to his club, and the game of Rugby League. Go Champ 👍✅👍✅
    Go WestsTigers 👍✅👍✅


  4. People hate, for no righteous reason…
    Eight years of 1st grade Brooks has yet to reach the standards preached and touted about him as a young half.

    Brooks is a competent player, perhaps may have reached a great pinnacle atherwise…


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