Farah: We’re getting back our identity

With over a decade of no finals games for the Wests Tigers, the man who last captained them in one believes the club is heading towards its former glories. Speaking in his very open and in-depth interview with WestsLife podcast, Robbie Farah believes bringing back players from the 2005 grand final squad or those partContinue reading “Farah: We’re getting back our identity”

Opinion: Wests Tigers need their next Robbie Farah

Our beloved team – amongst other adjectives – can be described as ‘baffling’ right now. The media says we need a new coach. Fans say we need a new board or better players (or both). Players are pointing fingers at each other literally on the field. Almost everyone says they need to burn it downContinue reading “Opinion: Wests Tigers need their next Robbie Farah”